Playlists you can move to

11 11 2010

Okay so as promised, a lighter, shorter, funner post.  Check this out:  This is a great app for iPhone, or you can download a desktop version to use with iTunes.  It analyzes the beat of all the songs in your iTunes library.  Then you can set playlists with nearly same beats to exercise too.  For instance I have a “running” playlist with a beat around 83 bpm.  Built around the song “Mama” by Genesis back in the day.  Incredible running tune.  Also some great adrenaline releasing tunes from Joe Satriani (Remember his album “Surfing with the Alien?”).  I have a power walking playlist and one for fast work on an elliptical trainer.

Take note:  the App was only able to analyze about half my playlist, and got a few wrong.  Sometimes it doubles or halves the correct number.  So if you run around 84 bpm like I do, see what songs have the bpm of 42 and 168 as well.  For songs whose beats change dramatically throughout the song… I just don’t know.  I will post my playlists in a separate comment below.  Enjoy, and move your butt.


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